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10.04.2023 | Announcement


Everything that once was ... no longer is
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Davide Bianca
Davide Bianca

The Caravan of Souls gathers wandering ghosts and supernatural creatures, and ferries them from one plane of existence to the next. And while it travels through the terrestrial plane of Earth seeking those lost souls, the living go about their lives unaware.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Tabo Fujiwara has crossed paths with the Caravans. Coming from a long line of Onmyoji, he is able to connect across the multiple astral planes. And though his inherited abilities have made him a defacto “ambassador” between the land of the living and the realm of the dead, the Caravan has traversed across the city of lost angels without incident.

Until tonight.

This time, as a snowflake lands on the tip of his nose in the brutal summer heat of a Los Angeles July, he knows something is off. He hears the shuddering of the Dead. He knows that they are no longer bystanders to a life once lived.

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Davide Bianca

Founder & CEO

Emmy® award-winning executive creative director, strategist, technologist, writer and content creator. For nearly two decades Davide has been at the forefront of innovation, telling stories across multiple mediums while helping Hollywood studios, tv networks, streaming platforms and gaming companies bring their properties to international audiences and shape pop culture.