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10.04.2023 | Announcement


"Project Gravitron" and the mystery of intradimensional travel
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Davide Bianca
Davide Bianca

In the Summer of 1973, a group of brilliant scientists laid the foundations for a secret laboratory program called “Project Gravitron”.

​Through years of dedicated research and experimentation, they found the key to unlocking intradimensional travel and space warp technology. With this revolutionary technology, they were able to teleport themselves to Proxima Centauri B and establish a colony there, becoming the first human inhabitants of the exoplanet.

​The team’s success with Project Gravitron not only marked a major achievement in the field of science and technology, but also opened up new possibilities for human exploration and colonization of the universe. As the years passed in secrecy, whispers of the mysterious Project Gravitron reached the ears of conspiracy theorists and speculators around the world.

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Davide Bianca

Founder & CEO

Emmy® award-winning executive creative director, strategist, technologist, writer and content creator. For nearly two decades Davide has been at the forefront of innovation, telling stories across multiple mediums while helping Hollywood studios, tv networks, streaming platforms and gaming companies bring their properties to international audiences and shape pop culture.