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By October 30, 2023June 26th, 2024No Comments

OTHER WORLDS is an ongoing anthology publication featuring standalone short stories that explore various genres, visual aesthetics and formats. Each story aims to push the boundaries of storytelling, digital arts, and AI, taking fans on a journey to exciting new worlds. OTHER WORLDS showcases the work of Davide Bianca, who is joined by selected collaborators and recurring special guests.

For me, as a creator, this is an opportunity to explore new storytelling possibilities and innovative formats, and work with talented collaborators. A project that leverages the state of the art of AI and brings together multiple creative disciplines to offer readers a unique and exciting experience. It is a testament to ST’s commitment to exploring new frontiers in publishing, offering readers a fresh perspective on storytelling and craft.

The first two inaugural issues, featuring “NOVEMBER CHARLIE” and “ROOTED IN EVIL”, are available as digital releases and completely free RIGHT NOW!

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