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03.23.2024 | Announcement


What Lies Beneath
No. of Pages
60 Pages
Davide Bianca
Davide Bianca

“Permutations” invites readers into a captivating journey through the vivid imagination of Davide Bianca, encapsulating a fusion of AI world-building and visionary look development. This premium format magazine, boasting 60 pages of high-quality Lustre paper, serves as a stunning repository for the portraits featured in the inaugural installment of the Permutations series.

Within its pages, Bianca masterfully intertwines elements of science fiction and horror, crafting a chilling narrative centered around a group of scientists ensnared within the depths of an underground lab during the Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown. Each portrait serves as a haunting snapshot of genetic mutation, showcasing the scientists’ gradual evolution into grotesque yet mesmerizing beings.

However, what sets “Permutations” apart is its innovative approach to presentation. Seamlessly blending the genres of science fiction, horror, and editorial fashion, Bianca transforms the magazine into a captivating hybrid product.

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Davide Bianca

Founder & CEO

Emmy® award-winning executive creative director, strategist, technologist, writer and content creator. For nearly two decades Davide has been at the forefront of innovation, telling stories across multiple mediums while helping Hollywood studios, tv networks, streaming platforms and gaming companies bring their properties to international audiences and shape pop culture.