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10.05.2023 | Announcement


Rooted In Evil
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Davide Bianca
Davide Bianca

As a journalist I prided myself on my objectivity by keeping myself out of my reporting.

But the moment I saw that enormous, ancient tree pull itself from the ground and begin to walk, I became a part of the story.

That moment was soon followed by others as trees and plants all over the city arose from the earth, moving almost as one living organism. Bearing witness has at once made me both a narrator of the indescribable and a reporter of the impending destruction of the world that we know. As plants become predators, I can’t help but wonder if I too will be a part of the growing bodycount as I dig deeper to uncover how this all began.

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Davide Bianca

Founder & CEO

Emmy® award-winning executive creative director, strategist, technologist, writer and content creator. For nearly two decades Davide has been at the forefront of innovation, telling stories across multiple mediums while helping Hollywood studios, tv networks, streaming platforms and gaming companies bring their properties to international audiences and shape pop culture.