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05.31.2024 | Announcement


Golden Springs
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Davide Bianca
Davide Bianca

My name is James Anderson, and I was just another cog in the corporate machine. Day in and day out, I trudged through the monotony of my job in Chicago, dreaming of breaking free from the shackles of my dreary existence. Driving down I-75 towards a convention in Columbus, Ohio, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was headed towards another soul-crushing business trip. The classic rock tunes on the radio provided little relief, and the sun setting on the picturesque countryside only served as a bitter reminder of my stagnant life. But fate had other plans for me.

As I passed the exit for the small town of Golden Springs, I felt an inexplicable pull towards its unknown streets. It was as if the universe had heard my silent cries for something more and was offering me a chance at escape. The energy of the town was palpable and I couldn’t resist its call.

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Davide Bianca

Founder & CEO

Emmy® award-winning executive creative director, strategist, technologist, writer and content creator. For nearly two decades Davide has been at the forefront of innovation, telling stories across multiple mediums while helping Hollywood studios, tv networks, streaming platforms and gaming companies bring their properties to international audiences and shape pop culture.